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Hello everyone

You’ve just landed in The Grannies Bookcrossing, a crazy initiative that wants to bring together two passions:

Crochet + Free Books!

Does this sound a bit weird? I will explain it to you:

Last year in Madrid (Spain) 50 books were released on the occasion of the World Book Day on 23th April. This year we want to do something different. We are a bunch of book and wool lovers and that’s why we want to release more books in a special way this year.

But how can you release a book?

 Releasing a book is like giving a present to a stranger!

The Grannies Bookcrossing consists of taking a book, that you had read and want to share with a stranger, and leave it in a public place with an identity label. In this way the person who finds it will enjoy reading it like you.

 In big cities the majority of  people are always in a rush and do not enjoy any little pleasure. This year on the occasion of the World Book Day we want to remind that books are part of our lives. Sometimes reading is better than drinking a fresh glass of orange juice…

We think that a book is beautiful in itself, but if it wore wool it could be gorgeous!

If you want to participate, you just need to follow theses easy steps:

Choose a book that you want to release.
Download the identity labels and the cover pattern..
Fill out this form before 19th April and we will send you  back your bookcrossing code, so that you could follow your book and know where it is. Do not forget to write the bookcrossing code in the identity label and put it inside the book.
Start to crochet /knit the cover. The cover has to be close, so the book will be “enclosed”. Therefore the person who finds it will have to find out how open the wrapper.
Choose a public place where releasing it on 23th April.

Relax, you have all day long.

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